Cours d'anglais à Crèvecoeur-le-Grand (60), Tremblay-en-France (93) ou en visio-conférence

Le printemps arrive à grands pas et certains d’entre nous auront la chance de faire une petite pause pour le week-end de pâques.

Comme pour toute occasion, la langue anglaise a une abondance d’expressions idiomatiques pour marquer la période.  Mais combien en connaissez-vous ?

Essayez notre quiz fun et facile (it’s a piece of cake ;) ) pour tester vos connaissances.

Happy Easter and stay safe.

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Spring and Easter idioms: Try our quiz

Combien d'expressions idiomatiques connaissez-vous en anglais ? Essayez notre quiz sur pâques et le printemps.

Faites attention de taper le mot entier dans la case, même si nous avons donné la première lettre de chaque réponse.

Have fun!

Hint: Most of the answers are in the picture!

To have a sweet tooth is to love the taste of anything with sugar in it.

1 / 10

If you're not sure what to get Jill for her birthday, try a lovely box of chocolates. She's got a really s____ tooth!

2 / 10

My new hoover is totally useless, it doesn't pick anything up! In fact it's about as much use as a c__________ teapot!

3 / 10

Tim is in an awful mood today. He bites my head off every time I speak to him! I have to be really careful wht I say, it's like walking on e__shells!

4 / 10

Sam thinks I can find some kind of magic solution to our cashflow problems but it's really hard. I can't just pull a r_____ out of a hat!

5 / 10

I can hardly walk after that exercise programme on YouTube.  I know I'm no spring c______ but I didn't think I was that old!

6 / 10

I was supposed to teach Fred, our new recruit, to manage our social media posts but he knew more than I did! It was like teaching my grandmother to suck e___!

To be the black sheep of the family is to be the member who does something different from all the others.

7 / 10

Jim's the black s____ of the family. They're all city-dwellers and he's happily living a quiet life in the country.

To end up with egg on your face is to experience a really embarrassing situation, usually publicly.

8 / 10

We organised a high-profile launch of our new app at the conference and when we arrived on stage the projector didn't work! We really ended up with e__ on our face. So embarrassing.

In two shakes of a lamb's tail means very quickly, right away

9 / 10

Sorry, I'm nearly finished. I'm just pressing "send" on my mail and I'll be with you in two shakes of a lamb's t___!

10 / 10

My financial advisor told me to be sure to diversify my investments. She said not to put all my e___ in one basket.

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